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According to the newest source, the famous snapdragon 855 plus chip won't be present on the cult phone Galaxy Note 10.

Recently, the world's leading mobile chip manufacturer - Qualcomm has formally disclosed the new snapdragon 855 plus processor. this can be an upgrade of the high-end snapdragon 855 chip that currently contributes to several cult smartphone market. due to the snapdragon 855 plus appeared close to the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, many folks believe that this powerful chip is probably going to contribute to Samsung's latest super product.

However, it looks that this may not happen because according to the recent sources from WinFuture website, while the international version of Galaxy Note 10 uses Exynos 9825 chip (newer than Exynos 9820 chip of Galaxy S10), the Galaxy Note 10 version sold  within the United States can use the quality snapdragon 855 chip rather than the snapdragon 855 plus.

Instead of making an attempt to attract customers with the newest chip, this Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ this year is going to bring a desirable experience on the features aspect with a series of technological and design enhancements. If the leaked info regarding the Galaxy Note 10 is correct, this will create an excellent smartphone.

Not only the Galaxy Note 10, however also the high-end high-end phones expected to be released in the half of 2019 just like the Google pixel 4 ar expected to miss the appointment with snapdragon 855 plus by Samsung and Google have completed the process of building the merchandise. As for the snapdragon 855 plus chip, it's rumored that the first smartphone to use this processor will be the ROG Phone II gaming phone from Asus, scheduled  to be released later this month.


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