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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are going to be Samsung's last device that is using 12MP 1 / 2.55 ″ 1.4μm sensor.

Samsung has scheduled  the Galaxy Note 10 launch event on August 7. However, virtually every parameter and design of the Note 10 series has been leaked. accordingly, Note 10 is going to equipped with camera sensors just like Galaxy S10 however added  one camera.

The overwhelming majority of the sources confirmed that the camera added  within the Note 10 is 3D ToF. This camera can greatly enhance the ability to capture fonts and also support the VR and AR experience. this can be an unattractive upgrade within the context that Samsung's competitors are aggressively racing regarding both the number of megapixels and also the optical zoom capability.

So people who expect cameras with higher resolution and 10x optical zoom can probably expect Galaxy S11 rather than buying Galaxy Note 10. And according to the newest leak info, Galaxy S11 will be upgraded to extreme massive period regarding camera.

Specifically, according to Ice Universe, Galaxy Note 10 are Samsung's last smartphone that is using 12MP 1 / 2.55 ″ 1.4μm sensor. Expected, Samsung Galaxy S11 will use new sensors, up to 108MP. in addition, source specializes in accurate info concerning Samsung's upcoming merchandise, adding that the Galaxy S11 will have 10x optical zoom capability.

It is too early to speak concerning Galaxy S11 but clearly a 108MP camera and also the ability of 10x optical zoom will certainly facilitate flagship launch early next year of Samsung in the market.


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