Revealing Samsung's Flexible Screen Smartphone,If It's Applied To Galaxy S11, It Will Be Great. This is a good solution to extend the screen area while maintaining the compact size of the device. Samsung galaxy s11 launch date. About the new Samsung galaxy s11 features. Samsung galaxy s11 price. Samsung best phone 2019

This is a good solution to extend the screen area while maintaining the compact size of the device.

Only less than a month away, Samsung can hold Galaxy Unpacked event to launch Galaxy Note 10. it's possible that the Galaxy Fold smartphone screen will get on the shelf during that point. Of course, after Note 10 we'll turn to follow rumors associated with Galaxy S11. according to the newest invention that Samsung has just approved, Galaxy S11 is a very worthy smartphone for United States to wait for.

Every year, Samsung registers plenty of design and technology inventions. sometimes these designs ar so far away that it becomes tough to be realistic for a couple of years or never be developed. However, this time, the design that Samsung has just approved is very feasible. it's the solution to extend device screen size more effectively than folding screen.

Basically, Samsung's invention describes a device with a screen which will be extended from the correct flank. Normally, it'll be regarding the same size as an average smartphone, equipped with three rear cameras and 2 front cameras within the perforated section in the center of the screen. when extra space is required, users will pull out from the right flank and therefore the screen size are going to be doubled.

In order to do this, Samsung will use a versatile screen support rail. because there's a perforated part to position the camera, the left half of the screen can't be moved . Therefore, the extended screen on the correct will be rolled up in a tube on the right flank.

In recent years, Samsung's Galaxy S models have only been tweaked in design. Therefore, many of us wish Galaxy S11 can have a breakthrough in form like during this invention.


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