PUBG Season 4 Update (v4.1) Is Now Available For PC Gamers, And The Weapon Problem Is Fixed. PUBG Season 4 is currently live for all pc users. How to download PUBG season 4 update.

PUBG Season 4 is currently available for all pc users. the newest update, that was is remarked as pc Update 4.1, was released as a beta trial through test servers last week. within the list of changes, the primary update of PUBG Season 4 brings a revamp of the Erangel map and includes a brand new Survivor Pass. there's also a visual overhaul. The update additionally includes tweaked terrain, signage, and buildings in addition as an improved mission modification system. alongside delivering a brand new experience through the Update 4.1, PUBG developers have brought extra fixes for weapon problems.

To offer the undiscovered history, PUBG Season 4 brings an updated Erangel map. "Erangel, that features a special home in the hearts of many people, currently features fresh buildings, upgraded graphics, and a few revelations on the island's combat-scarred history," the PUBG team noted while saying the recent update.

In terms of visual changes, the recent PUBG update brings updates to areas like the Military Base, Mylta Power, Quarry, Mansion, and Prison. Some updates may also be noticed  in the sort of terrain changes.

Similarly, the PUBG developers have added  trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks across different areas of the revamped map.

One of the key attractions of PUBG Season 4 is that the Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath. The update includes the new modification to supply over one hundred rewards to unlock by finishing various missions.

PUBG gamers are going to be able to access Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath till October 15th PDT -- ending with the live server maintenance. Further, the Survivor Pass and Level-up things are going to be available for purchase till the season ends.

Gamers will be able to notice the improved mission modification system through the primary update of PUBG Season 4. "When unlocking new rewards, a prompt will now enable you to go directly to the appearance tab by clicking the button within the popup," the team said in the announcement post.

The Season 4 update also brings changes to several weapons and vehicles. Likewise, there'll be changes including the flexibility to use healing and boost items while moving in the game. The intensity of injury through guns like Kar98k, S12K, and SMGs has additionally been enhanced.

As we mentioned, the team originally released the PUBG 4.1 beta update through its test servers last week. pc gamers across the world, however, will now experience the changes by downloading the update through the live servers.

The PUBG team has additionally announced through a couple of tweets that it has fixed the weapon problems that some players experienced  previously. there's a fix for the reload issue with both-action SRs that prevented rounds from mechanically being chambered after firing in certain situations. Also, a reload issue with the S1987 shotgun has been resolved.


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