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Ford is currently running a weird massive marketing campaign for the 2020 mustang Shelby GT500 where it only trickles out small bits of information at a time.  However, when the vehicle debuted, we had no idea how much power it created, and it also took six months to find that out. But, we won't ought to wait that long to discover its starting price, All thanks to a loose-lipped anonymous source who disclosed this.

The 2020 Shelby GT500 will begin at $70,300, Jalopnik reports, citing an anonymous dealership source. However, The source's info was later confirmed through a Ford spokesperson, so the information is legit. And it may be the starting price on paper, it's price noting that the GT500 requires 2 additional mandatory charges -- $1,095 for destination and delivery, and $2,600 for a gas-guzzler tax -- that brings its actual worth up to $73,995. but even then, that higher price does not include the usual taxes, title and license fees, therefore expect to pay a bit more.

After confirming the news to Trainerstech,as well, Ford sent over pricing info for the GT500's optional  equipment, too. Moreover, The Carbon Fiber Track Package adds carbon-fiber wheels and aerodynamic upgrades for $18,500. and therefore the middle-ground Handling Package commands $1,500. however If you wish a black-painted roof, that'll be $695, with Ford asking the same amount for its "over-the-top" stripes. Finally, if you wish a carbon-fiber instrument panel, you'll tack another $1,000 onto the window sticker.

It's also worth pointing out that this is often just the suggested retail price. so long as the car maker does not get all uppity regarding it ahead of time like Dodge did with the Demon, dealers ar free to tag on arbitrary markups without ramification, because demand are high and supply are restricted. Honda Civic type R enthusiasts were excited at the premise of a $35,000 hot hatch par excellence, only to be met with window stickers as much on $10,000 higher. Some Honda dealers ar still making an attempt to fleece the youths, 2 full model years after the damn issue came out.

But for the worth, the GT500 offers one euphemism of a compelling package. Its 5.2-liter supercharged V8 ditches the flat-plane crank from the GT350 in the pursuit of power -- 760 H.P., to be exact, and 625 pound-feet of torque. And It ought to be capable of hitting sixty miles per hour in the mid-3-second range, and also a dual-clutch transmission is mandatory, since this automobile is concerning excelling at the track 1st and foremost.

Its pricing puts it right in line with the competition. The Dodge competitor SRT hellcat Widebody commands about $73,000, however it is not exactly a sharply honed track tool, though it will make more power (797 hp). The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE track-day special prices $72,195 with a manual transmission, however adding a 10-speed automatic bumps the price by $1,595.


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