Why Sony's PlayStation 5 specs matter to PC gamers: Ryzen .. Sony's PS5 SSD has “raw bandwidth higher than any SSD available ... PS5 Specifications Confirmed: AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon Navi GPU, Solid State Drive, and Many More

The PS5, PlayStation 5, or "next-gen console", as Sony is currently calling it, has had its specifications discovered. In speech with Wired, PS4 systems creator Mark Cerny confirmed that the PS5 can have an AMD Ryzen hardware, Radeon Navi GPU, support for ray tracing, and a solid state drive (SSD) that he touted to be  a "game changer". This comes after an anonymous post from an alleged PS5 developer instructed an identical set of specifications earlier on. However, with an SSD, we can't be stunned to envision the next price purpose.

According to Cerny, the PS5 can feature a hardware supported the third-generation of AMD's Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company's new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. As for the GPU, it'd be a custom variant of the AMD Radeon Navi family with ray tracing support in addition. it'll be backwards compatible with PS4 games still.

Though for Cerny, the most important improvement are going to be the addition of an SSD that he cited as "a true game changer" and "the key to the next generation".

"I have an SSD in my laptop computer, and after I need to alter from excel to Word I will wait 15 seconds," he said whereas demonstrating load times of Spider-Man on PS4 pro versus Spider-Man on a PS5 developer kit with the difference being 15 seconds versus 0.8 seconds according to Wired. what is more, the game world loaded quicker, leading to a additional responsive camera also.

While Sony is not giving details on the SSD specifications, Cerny hinted at the possibility of propriety tech at play.

"The raw read speed is important," he said. "But so are the details of the I/O [input-output] mechanisms and also the software stack that we placed on top of them. I got a PlayStation 4 pro and then I place in a very SSD that price as much as the PlayStation 4 Pro—it may be one-third quicker."

This lines up with previous leaks that have instructed the presence of an SSD or a daily hard drive with "some kind of NAND flash". tho' this might additionally imply a higher price tag with one leaker's claims that the PS5 worth would be around $499 (close to Rs. 35,000) and have a release date or March 2020 or November 2020.


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