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According to report Samsung may partner with PC gaming gaint Valve to bring steaming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of devices. But in a citing sources that can be trusted as being in know, the PC gamers may be able to stream from their computer to the Samsung Galaxy S10 to play on a go. However, we know that Samsung is not a stranger in terms of working with games companies, partnering with Fortnite developer Epic Games for Galaxy-exclusive skins. Furthermore, Samsung has worked with Valve in the past with a customised Steam Link app for Samsung Galaxy devices.

The most important fun part of it is, "If you leave your PC on at home, you can actually stream from your PC to your phone," the source speaking to WCCFTech claims. "So now you can actually play Steam games on your phone whilst your PC is "on" at home."

But if this is true, it would be an interesting state of affairs when you consider the state of PC gaming at the moment. Moreover, with the Epic Games hijacking PC titles that were destined to hit Steam like Metro Exodus and World War Z as well, but adding additional features to Steam gives its vocal, rabid fanbase a reason to bother with Valve's storefront as well as giving developers another way to engage with their audiences.

Earlier on, Valve and Samsung released a custom Steam Link app for Galaxy devices. Compared to the original Steam Link app, But the Steam Link for Galaxy has more convenient user interface, SamMobile notes. However, it starts the gaming process only after establishing connectivity with the supported controller. But this only means that you won't be able to use the app on your Galaxy handset, no matter how advanced it is in terms of hardware (or price), if you don't have required controller.




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