Google Assistant Closes For A Massive Achievement Party

With all the hard work and achievement so fer the Big "G" Google decided to trow a big achievement party, because  All work and know play make a jack a doll Boy. Base on the report so fer we come to know that soon Google will be on all device around the world. But for me it is't there yet but Google foresees with great confidence that it will happen be for the end of this month.

With the determination the Big "G" Google has, i think in less than some months, the number of Google Assistant-supporting devices will grow massively beyond expected. Google wont forget to thank Android for this great achievement. because if it is not for Android phones and tablets, Google won't have get to this level he is now.

 In an interview  the Google vice president Manuel Bronstein point that Android phones set up "the ample majority" in times of devices running the AI assistant. apparently, there's Google’s line of smart speakers contributing to the overall thing but Bronstein says the amount of Google Home devices is still on rise. remember we reported that samsung is set to feature Google in there smart TVS.

We all know that Google won't rely on Android Google Home to magnetize people to Google Assistant forever, but Bronstein says that Google has a lot of plans to cropping up into markets to further there integration. But the First on list is the feature phones, take itor live it Google knows that there’s a lot of potential for the Assistant to make things like typing easier on those phones, know matter there limited capabilities.

In a report Google bragged that the number of effective Google Assistant users quadrupled throughout 2018, but that isn't a useful statistic cause we all don't know the number user's Google Assistant started the year with.

All the same the Google Assistant supporting devices is a Great achievement for the company. Just stay turned for more announcements to come .



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