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Despite the uncertainty we are all facing, some companies are still thriving and seeking world class talent to join their teams.

One such client is seeking a Data Engineer to play a critical role in the development, maintenance and integration of their data systems; which consist of both legacy and brand new technology.

The ideal candidate will be expected to;

    Build data pipelines
    Leverage emerging tech and Big Data to ensure delivery of real time analytics solutions
    Work on complex, large-scale, group-wide big data projects

The ideal candidate should have experience of;

    Microsoft tech stack - SQL server, Azure, Azure Data Lake, Data Factory etc.
    CI/CD pipelines

If you would like to hear more, click apply!


This Blog is All about latest development in the World of tech and all round tech news.

PUBG Mobile users will soon get a chance to take on mummies, sandstorms, and more mythical monsters as possible details from the upcoming Ancient Secret Event has been leaked. With the 14th season expected to hit smartphones soon, this new mode will see PUBG Mobile gamers battle for top tier loots on the Erangel map. Three ancient buildings, with designs resembling ancient Egyptian architecture, will also reportedly be added. To make things more interesting, these structures would soon start rising high in the air.

As per a gameplay video shared on YouTube by Royal Kraken, in the new mode, the game would begin like a regular matchup on the Erangel map. However, massive sandstorms would soon cover up the screen, leading to the appearance of a mammoth sandy figure from within a huge structure. This monster would then help materialize three buildings which look straight out of ancient Egypt.

The real fun begins when players land on these new structures, which may pop up anywhere on the map. These buildings would suddenly start flying high over the world and the only way players can exit safely is with the help of parachutes or if they somehow manage to hop their way down through the flying structures.

In the mode, players can also go head on against a monstrous mummy to win top tier guns and armour. The loot in these flying structures are also expected to be of the highest class. As of now, it is unclear whether players will randomly spawn into this mode.

In a recent leak, PUBG Mobile player Mr.GHOST GAMING revealed a trailer for the upcoming Season 14 on his YouTube channel. The trailer showed several map designs, ranging from open deserts to erupting volcanoes, along with Mad Max-inspired vehicles. The video also suggests that the upcoming season will be titled, “Spark the Flame.”

The ongoing season is ends on July 12. According to a tweet by PUBG Mobile, the new update, 0.19.0, is expected to arrive on July 7.
This Blog is All about latest development in the World of tech and all round tech news.

If you're looking for a job with more pay, opportunity or benefits, then now is the perfect time to revamp your resume and apply.

According to Glassdoor economist Daniel Zhuo, there are a number of unfilled jobs after the holiday slump that recruiters are eager to fill at the top of the year. And workers seem eager to apply: There has been a 22% boost in job applications started on Glassdoor's platform in January.

"Our advice to job seekers is to be patient but proactive," says Zhuo. "Job seekers should ride the wave of motivation into the new year but should be aware that recruiters and hiring managers may be slower to respond in January as they return from the holidays and sort through a higher-than-usual volume of applications."

Using data from its platform, Glassdoor created a list of the best jobs in 2020 that job seekers should keep a close eye on. These jobs are ranked based on salary, a job satisfaction score on a scale of one to five, and number of job openings on Glassdoor's platform.

Seven of the top 10 jobs on the list are in tech, with front-end engineer coming in at the top spot.

Data scientist, which previously held the No. 1 spot for the past four years, fell to number three this year.

And Java developer came in the second spot.

All of these roles offer a salary of $80,000 or more, and they all have a satisfactory rating of 3.9 or above.

Take a look below to see what roles rounded out the top 20 spots on Glassdoor's list of best jobs in America in 202jobs

20. Physical therapist

Job satisfaction rating: 3.6

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 28,886

Median base salary: $71,483

View jobs

19. Clinic manager

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 5,768

Median base salary: $70,000

View jobs

18. Applications engineer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.7

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 9,550

Median base salary: $76,854

View jobs

17. Program manager

Job satisfaction rating: 3.6

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 19,280

Median base salary: $87,005

View jobs

16. Accounting manager

Job satisfaction rating: 4.0

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 3,589

Median base salary: $85,794

View jobs

15. Finance manager

Job satisfaction rating: 3.8

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 4,091

Median base salary: $120,644

View jobs

14. Salesforce developer

Job satisfaction rating: 4.2

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 3,639

Median base salary: $81,175

View jobs

13. Operations manager

Job satisfaction rating: 3.8

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 19,198

Median base salary: $70,189

View jobs

12. HR manager

Job satisfaction rating: 4.1

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 3,966

Median base salary: $83,190

View jobs
20/20 nurse with patient  Twenty/20

20/20 nurse with patient

11. Nursing manager

Job satisfaction rating: 3.7

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 12,320

Median base salary: $85,389

View jobs

10. Business development manager

Job satisfaction rating: 4.0

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 6,560

Median base salary: $78,480

View jobs

9. Strategy manager

Job satisfaction rating: 4.3

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 3,515

Median base salary: $133,067

View jobs

Getty Images

8. Speech language pathologist

Job satisfaction rating: 3.8

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 29,167

Median base salary: $71,867

View jobs

7. Software engineer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.6

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 50,438

Median base salary: $105,563

View jobs

6. Data engineer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 6,941

Median base salary: $102,472

View jobs
Jasmin Merdan | Getty Images

5. Devops engineer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 6,603

Median base salary: $107,310

View jobs

4. Product manager

Job satisfaction rating: 3.8

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 12,173

Median base salary: $117,713

View jobs

3. Data scientist

Job satisfaction rating: 4.0

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 6,542

Median base salary: $107,801

View jobs
Data Scientist for Red Owl Analytics
Data Scientist for Red Owl Analytics
Andre Chung for The Washington Post | Getty Images

2. Java developer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 16,136

Median base salary: $83,589

View jobs

1. Front-end engineer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of job openings on Glassdoor: 13,122

Median base salary: $105,240

View jobs
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The Leader of the United States of America, Donald Trump, yesterday Affirmed the U.S. government office Grant for Universal understudies, knowing the approach that there ar several decided and skilled , low-salary understudies the globe over, who simply require cash related assets and access to information to better their instructive future. Throughout recent years, United States of America International protection, USA tries to acknowledge scholastically qualified and exceptionally energetic, low-salary understudies far and wide to hitch the coaching in USA.

"Grants in Colleges Like: Oxford College, Cambrige College, college of leeds, college of Derby, College of wolverhampton, College of Northampton, College of the west of Scotland/college of strathclyde, Teesside College, Lancaster University,Canadian Visa Lottery, Openings for work, Canadian Visa Lottery Application Structure, Canadian Visa Lottery Application Structure 2019, Continuous Canadian Visa Lottery Application, How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery Application Structure 2019, Occupation apply, Global Employments, Free Grant, Vehicle Protection, Online Occupations, Insurance agency Visa, Gas/Power Visa, Car Visa, Mortage Visa, Lawyer Visa, Advance Visa, Legal advisor Visa, Columbian Visa, Give Visa and Telephone call, Degree and Credit Visa.Apply Now, Start Application, Start Now, Online Business, Employment Opportunities, Employments For Understudies, Internet Preparing, Preparing Project, Canada Visa Lottery, Lottery Application structure, Obama Care, Building Innovations, Oil, Oil, and Gas Shell Organization.

US International safe haven is urging young  pioneers to apply for the 2018 U.S. government office Grant, that opened from October 3 to Nov 10, 2019.

An announcement given by the Open problems Unit of the U.S.A International safe haven on Thursday, said the application for the Grant would close at precisely on Friday, Nov 10, 2018.

The mission is to assist talented and decided, low-pay understudies who ar nice competitor for cash connected help from U.S.A schools and faculties yet come up short on the monetary assets to take care of the direct front expense of feat confirmation.

The benefits

The College Sythesis Expense at the suitable rate*

A support remittance for a solitary understudy ($43,900 for a year at the 2018-18 rate; genius rata for courses shorter than a year)

One economy single airfare at each the beginning and end of the course

Inbound visa prices and therefore the expense of the Movement well-being additional charge


Scholarly improvement subsidizing – from $500 to $2,000, subject to the length of your course, to travel to conferences and courses.

Family remittance – up to $10,120 for a first kid and up to $4,320 for a subsequent  child (2019-20 rate). No subsidizing is accommodated an accomplice.

Hands on work – you'll apply to keep up to your typical support remittance while on hands on work as a feature of your pH.D. (the Trust doesn’t finance different field work prices as these need to be supported by the faculty Piece Expense).

Hardship subsidizing – for sudden troubles

Maternity/Paternity subsidizing – do you have to need it, you'll apply to pause your investigations for as long as a half year and keep it up obtaining your support recompense during this time

Some fourth year financing for pH.D. Researchers could be given


A resident of any nation outside the United States of America

Applying to seek after one among the attendant full-time  non-public courses of study:

Ph.D. (three-year examine just degree)

MSc or MLitt (two-year inquire regarding just degree)

One year postgraduate course (for example MPhil, LLM, Pole, Recognition, MBA and so on.)

Graduate Candidates:

Append a replica of your Last year results and degree results (if accessible)

Give the subtleties of a speaker, teacher, or Head of office (HOD) that we will contact to find progressively regarding you.

Send an examined duplicate of your transcripts that demonstrates your standard

Our web site is here to convey you an important info, and guarantee that you just gain what you search for.

For you to possess the choice to get all the information you search for, you ought to pursue terms and conditions directing this very web site.
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Our Company welcomes applications to form qualified, committed and dedicated specialists for the accompanying posts. Intrigued candidates will drop their fresh resume, a Passport size photograph and certifications alongside application at the resume space. Candidates who meet occupation stipulations can advance a resume. Occupation in Dubai.

Employment in Dubai

You can apply lawfully to the organization through on the net, we ar buckling right down to provide all our guest to the simplest and affordable employments in numerous nation. we ar in this field since 2017 and consummated clients over the globe who work in different organizations round the globe

Qualification Criteria for Canada tourist Visa

So as to meet the qualification criteria for a vacationist visa, you ought to demonstrate to the migration specialists the accompanying things:

You have a considerable identification

You are healthy

You have the monetary fund assets means needed to pay for your prices whereas in Canada

You have a home outside Canada and other limiting ties which will guarantee your arrival home after your visit to Canada

You intend to remain in Canada for a specific and restricted timeframe

You mean to leave Canada toward the end of your visit

You have no expectation to look for or try business while in Canada

You have no criminal recoJobs

You don’t represent a security hazard

You consent to accommodates the traditions that must be adhered to

You might be needed to experience a restorative assessment

Employments in town (Vacancies)

Innumerable expats making an attempt to get higher possibilities and higher pay scales have frequented living arrangement searching for town employments. With the proceeded with stagnation in most created economies, a major number folks have started moving to town for an improved ordinary of living. visible  of the very actuality that town could be a cosmopolitan town with good potential, work searchers ar allowed to extravagant excluded bundles. just in case you’re preparing for walkin interviews or to use for pristine opening and occupations in town, you ought to be acquainted with some fundamental tips.

Which sort of employments ar obtainable in Dubai?

Employment decision and compensation entirely depends upon the street of work and vocation openings obtainable in numerous fields including:

Administrator Jobs

Bookkeeping Jobs

IT Jobs

Designing Jobs

Government Jobs

HR Jobs

Cordiality Jobs

Retail Jobs

Client care Jobs

Obtainment Jobs

Advertising Jobs

Educating Jobs

Deals Jobs

The board Jobs

Low maintenance Jobs

What is the fundamental compensation for occupations in Dubai?

Since the most 90s, the Emirate (UAE) has full-developed as a business center drawing in modified international corporations to arrangement in town and its free-zones, creating several openings for work for achieved representatives. the fundamental compensation direct town is between AED ninety,000 (USD twenty four,500) – AED 240,000 (USD sixty 5,500) per annum. before presenting an application for work in town, it’d be judicious to need controlling from a authorized  achievement workplace, especially for half time employments in town as there ar pertinent laws to examine.

Various offices have very stunning proportions of accomplishment. a couple of organizations provide on-line accomplishment tho' others provides a manual call strategy. With opportunities in town on the expansion, a couple of organizations have created specific long range informal communication instruments anywhere skilled  candidates can just go along with numerous specialists. the utilization office acts an intermediator and associates with the individual all at once that they’re given a high notch bundle with liberal perks.It is however essential to be wary of offices that request advance installment or remuneration for his or her administrations from employment searchers, since it's business apply for achievement organizations to solely charge the pioneer and not the up-and-comers. hop on the quest for tricks and advertisements that assurance work.

Point of truth, town is one among quickest developing urban communities within the globe and is creating at a dangerous speed. The upsurge in development and advancement has come about throughout an ideal activity advertise. a fast examine the work openings and achievement web site connections uncovers work postings starting from untalented work to CEOs. a tireless cluster of current improvement within the realty part, a flourishing business endeavor goal and progressions in IT, instruction and consideration ventures have created fluctuated opening throughout town. the bulk of these opening ar full up by expats World Health Organization ar generally utilised for a task on a short or biennial work understandings.

Data Technology:

With a dynamic framework in town, a couple of IT corporations ar constrained to arrange their base within the emirate. Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle ar basically numerous of the various certainly understood corporations that have established their native head workplaces in town, prompting a couple of openings for work.

Dubai, counseled on the grounds that the looking through center point of the inside East, is roofed with exploring through squares and workplace outlets. Therefore, a bigger than average assortment of employment opportunities moved  toward becoming obtainable inside the retail space of the emirates.

Accommodation and Tourism:

The business endeavor business has been unfaltering developing and flourishing. This has brought about opportunities within the business enterprise and sincere gathering space acknowledge beneath and apply on-line to all or any town opening and employments in Dubai.

For subtleties on compression move into conferences in town or to look out employments for freshers, visit the declarations space at the foremost minimal  of the page. On the off probability that you just arrived on this page from thus town, Gulftalent, GNCareers, Monster or Naukri, be at freedom to use to indistinguishable employments exploitation the CV structure on every posting.

The most effective technique to use

To Apply, each applicant must see all of the subtleties initial and should satisfy each single given basis. the submit catch and for connection move to the principle menu and you'll be able to See there Apply here Menu ( For Mobile User Click beneath )

Essential demand Documents :

1. Legitimate Passport and Citizenship

2. Updates Resume and Documents

3. Scholastic Documents

4. As lately Taken pictures

5. No Criminal Records Documents

You can apply legitimately to the organization

Apply Procedure

Reasonable candidates meeting the above criteria ar mentioned to send their CV and cover letter. just Shortlisted competitors are welcome for additional selection method. you're mentioned to unmistakably create reference to the position you're applying within the subject of the details area.

Employment type

Notice to competitors: the submitted documents are remained careful and classified. within the event that you just ar chosen. we are going to utilize those record for additional procedure. If not, we are going to devastate those records directly.
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The application opens for US Embassy Awards Scholarships 2020. There are two classes of Award: US Embassy Awards Scholarships, to acknowledge higher degree considers in Joined States at Masters level. In like way, US Embassy Awards Short Courses, to see honestly, oversaw prepared instructional classes, in the United States and in addition in Africa, in a component of headway centered parts.

Need Fields (changes by African country)

Creating/Food Security



Open Policy (checking an open zone alliance, open part change, egygxchange, overall canny)

Typical Management

Normal Resource Management (counting mining-related subjects)

Explicit and Vocational Education and Training (open for Short Courses metaphorically)Basic (checking Natural Gas and Oil Technology)Foundation

Normal Resource Management

Transport (checking Ports, Roads and Airports Management)

Qualified Countries:

Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde,Comoros, Congo(Republic of), Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya,Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal,Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia and so forth

Purpose of suppression: Varies by nation (see interface underneath for explicit nation limit criteria)

You should be no under 25 and not over 50 years old at the date of your application.

You should have no under three (3) years' connected post graduate work commitment. This work understanding must be in a locale fitting to your proposed field of study and to your work intrigue make(e.g. open zone contenders ought to show open piece work affiliation, etc). Tendency will be given to contenders with logically focal conditions of commitment.

You have, as a base, a Bachelors endorsement (or the taking a gander at) from a sensible Institution of at scarcest 4 years long with no not as much as an underneath typical Class Pass.

Target Group:

You are a national of an African nation. See nation list underneath

You are an early or mid-business talented working in the Public Sector, the Private Sector or a Non Government

Association (Civil Society) in one of the recorded need fields of study.

You wish to understand a Masters testament in Australia in one of the recorded need fields of study. You can't think about a Masters of Business Administration.

You have a sensible vision for how you will utilize the information related through the Masters capability to resuscitate framework, hone or getting ready in the proposed field of study.

Sexual presentation Equality: Australia Awards target level with assistance by ladies and men. Applications from ladies are unequivocally connected with, and wraps are set up to assistance ladies hopefuls and Awardees.

Need Inclusion: Australia Awards mean to guarantee that individuals with an inadequate quality are given sensible and unclear chance to take after and get a license.

Applications from individuals with an inadequacy are unequivocally locked in. Systems are set up to fortify contenders and Awardees needing explicit support.

Examine of Scholarship: For the length of the program

Select your nation of root. Take after the particular heading on the page.Supporters: US Embassy Awards in Africa, a progression of the United States Government.
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 Apex Legends will be making its way to mobile by the end of this year. A video of a conference call showing EA CEO Andrew Wilson talking about mobile gaming has been leaked on Twitter by an Apex Legends leaks channel. In the video, Wilson reveals that the company is planning to soft launch Apex Legends — which is currently on PC and consoles — on mobile by the end of this year. This will be the first battle royale game that EA has launched on mobile.

Back in May of last year, Electronic Arts (EA) had announced its plans to bring Apex Legends to mobile with no timeline. Now, as per the video shared by @ApexLatest on Twitter, CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, in a conference call, shared some information about the mobile version of the battle royale game. Wilson stated that the company plans on a soft launch for Apex Legends mobile by the end of this year. A soft launch means the game will be released to a small audience or market which will allow the company to evaluate the response and status of the game, helping it to improve the game before releasing it the masses.

Wilson spoke about mobile gaming and plans of bringing several other games to the mobile platform. These games are in various stages of development. Apex Legends (Review) in particular, stood out as it will be EA's first mobile battle royale game, building on its success on PC and console, and entering a market that, as of now, is dominated by PUBG Mobile.

Apex Legends released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February last year as a free to play battle royale game. At the time, it rose in popularity due to its new mechanics like the ‘ping' system that was later adopted by other battle royale games as well, and the ability to respawn teammates even after they have been killed. It also brought a selection of characters or ‘Legends' that have their own abilities as well.

As of now, EA has not officially shared any information about the mobile version of Apex Legends. And, since this will be a soft launch of the game, it is possible that it won't reach most users until next year.