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OnePlus 8 series is rumoured to debut in late March or April this year, a couple of weeks earlier than OnePlus' typical release cycle. OnePlus is tipped to shake things up a little bit this year by launching three phones – OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and OnePlus 8 Lite – all of which have appeared in concept-based renders thus far . Now, the OnePlus 8 Pro has allegedly appeared for the primary time in a live photo. Interestingly, the phone that has posed for the camera has an uncanny resemblance to the leaked OnePlus 8 Pro renders and design schematics we've seen so far.

The alleged OnePlus 8 Pro hands-on photo was spotted on Discord first and later shared on Twitter. The phone is seen wrapped within the protective, translucent sleeve found inside a brand new retail unit. albeit the color of the alleged OnePlus 8 Pro's rear panel isn't visible, one can still clearly the silhouette of the camera module and therefore the rest of the hardware.

The alleged OnePlus 8 Pro image clearly shows a quad rear camera setup accompanied by an LED flash. Three of the lenses are stacked vertically in a very pill-shaped module that makes a small bump, below which sits the LED flash. The fourth camera lens sits above what rumours says may be a laser autofocus module. The aesthetics we see within the leaked image are almost similar to the alleged OnePlus 8 Pro design diagrams that surfaced back in November 2019, and the leak-based renders that popped up a month before that.

OnePlus 8 Pro is claimed to come with an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. The upcoming OnePlus phone will reportedly be powered by the Snapdragon 865 SoC paired with a minimum of 8GB RAM, and it'd go all the way up to 16GB. Other rumoured specifications of the phone include a 6.5-inch curved AMOLED display with a hole-punch and 120Hz refresh rate, and a 4,500mAh battery with support for 50W wired fast charging.
This Blog is All about latest development in the World of tech and all round tech news.

Apex Legends' most recent roster addition, Revenant, is just too easy to kill, say some players.

According to some commenters on the Apex Legend subreddit (thanks, The Loadout), Revenant - who boasts extraordinary climbing skills and a fast-moving crouch as his passive skill, the power to shut down enemy abilities as his tactical, and may issue a death totem for downed teammates as his ultimate - may look skinny enough to necessitate the additional 5 per cent damage he takes, almost like the additional damage taken by Wraith's small frame, but according to some his hitbox is "actually pretty disjointed in many areas".

"I really hope we will get a fix for this stuff, because as fun as Revenant is to play, it's really frustrating feeling like he's made from tissue paper," said one player. "I can't escape with stuff like bolting across a street in Capitol like I can on other legends, because I just take so much more damage just getting poked/sprayed at - and my most played characters are Mirage & Bangalore, so I'm wont to average hitbox characters."

"I hit roughly 1,100 kills with him and i had to go back to my main, and i can 100% say he must have his hit box fixed," added another. "I feel like I'm taking way too many hits when I'm CQC strafe firing/ sliding / crouch shooting. It seems like Gibby's hitbox without a gunshield and no fortify. i prefer his persona, backstory, and play style but he needs some improvements, especially this hitbox issue."

Developer Respawn has yet to reply formally to the complaints.

In other Apex-flavoured news, the free-to-play battle royale game returned to its roots this weekend by bringing back its original Kings Canyon map for a limited time only.

As Wes reported yesterday, Kings Canyon has returned to the game previously, but only in a special nighttime form, as utilized in Apex Legends' Grand Soiree and Fight or Fright limited-time events. From now until Monday, 24th February, however, players are going to be ready to traipse their way across the first , pre-season version.
This Blog is All about latest development in the World of tech and all round tech news.

PUBG console players will now finally be ready to enjoy Cross Party Play with the newest 6.2 update. With Cross Party Play, PlayStation 4 players will be ready to team with Xbox One players, a feature which fans of the game were looking forward to. The update also brings the new Team Deathmatch mode to the game. The update is live on the general public Test Server (PTS) on both consoles so if you haven't downloaded it, head to the ‘Purchased' section on the PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft Store on the Xbox One.

Last year, PUBG introduced cross-platform play for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players but they couldn't squad up, until now. The new 6.2 update enables players on both consoles to invite one another and for one party. the buddies list has also received a makeover with four tabs namely, ‘Platform', ‘PUBG', ‘Recent', and ‘Team'. ‘Platform' are going to be a list of your existing friends or the new friends that you add on a similar platform. ‘PUBG' is the new friends list where you'll organize your friends list across platforms. ‘Recent' shows a listing of players that you have paired up in recent matches while ‘Team' shows the names of your current team mates.

Along with Cross Party Play, the new PUBG update also brings ‘Team Deathmatch' mode to the game. it's an 8v8 FPP only mode where matches last for 10 minutes and therefore the first team to achieve 50 kills wins the round. Unlike the regular team based battle royale mode, there'll be no knockdowns but instead, players will respawn. The developers have also made some much requested changes to grenades, along side a slew of other changes.

According to the patch notes, the live server maintenance ended on February 20 and players can experience both Cross Party Play and Team Deathmatch in NA (North America) region.
This Blog is All about latest development in the World of tech and all round tech news.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is finally live and its called ‘Top Secret'. After multiple delays, future season within the battle royale game has been released by Epic Games. The trailer released on Fortnite's official YouTube channel shows the theme of this season revolves around spies. The trailer shows some new characters including Tntina, Midas, and skins, along side sneak peak at ‘Deadpool' who also will be present in the game. there'll be two sides to decide on from, Ghost and Shadow.

The Epic Games store gives some details on the new Battle Pass season stating there'll be weekly challenges from every Battle Pass character and players will need to choose between either ‘Ghost' or ‘Shadow' missions which is able to allow you to a bonus style unique to that character. It also states that your choice are going to be permanent. After you reach the final mission, your bonus style will be locked to either ‘Ghost' or ‘Shadow'.

Talking about Deadpool, you'll spot him within the trailer for less than a second which Engadget says will make an appearance as a "secret" Battle Pass skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

Creative and Save the world modes have also received updates, and you'll check up on the patch notes.

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 will end after 10 weeks on April 30. Epic is offering the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks and an opportunity for players to earn up to 1,500 bonus V-Bucks which can be sufficient for future season's Battle Pass.
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Samsung Galaxy phone users on Thursday were irked after seeing a wierd notification via the company's Find My Mobile service. The notification just had the number “1” in conjunction with another “1” below it. Multiple users around the globe reported the incident on social media sites. While responding to user reports on social media, Samsung acknowledged the difficulty and mentioned that the notification was unintentionally sent during an interior test. OnePlus also sent out an identical push notification to some OnePlus 7 Pro users last year.

As per the complaints posted on Twitter and Reddit, various Samsung Galaxy phone users received the unexpected notification through the Find My Mobile service that did not provide any details but showed the number 1 in the title and also the content box.

“Anyone else get that find my mobile push notification that almost gave me a heart attack?” one of the affected users tweeted.

The annoying notification wasn't limited to 1 country or region and apparently impacted users in global markets, including India and also the US. Additionally, the difficulty affected a number of the newest devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip likewise as the Galaxy Note 10 models among others.

Few hours after getting user complaints through social media, Samsung's official UK support account on Twitter addressed the matter and stated that the notification was “sent unintentionally during an internal test.” The account also highlighted that it had no effect on the devices.
However, the India and other regional accounts of the company's support team didn't provide any clarity to users complaining about the push notification.

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Hyundai is ready to launch the new generation of the Creta in India on March 17, 2020. The car made its debut at the 2020 Auto Expo and at that point in time we only need to see what it seemed like from the surface . In terms of design, the new Creta is certainly several notches above its predecessor. The tailgate is sculpted with sharp lines and therefore the rear number plate housing has moved up. There's of course, the signature cascading grille which is flanked by DRLs and therefore the LED lamps are easily identifiable. Moreover, the next-gen Creta has grown in dimensions but retains the general curvy silhouette.

As far as engine options go, the next gen Hyundai Creta will have identical powertrains as the Kia Seltos. So, expect a BS6 compliant range - a 1.5-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel, also as the 140 bhp, 1.4-litre turbo GDI petrol with an optional 7-Speed DCT (dual clutch transmission). The three engine types will accompany a 6-speed manual gearbox. The diesel gets an option of a 6-speed torque convertor automatic too.

On the features front, there'll be tons more on offer. The new-gen Hyundai Creta now gets a slightly larger screen also . The screen will see a layout in portrait mode and will also pair up with Hyundai's Blue Link connected car app and telematics solution. The new Creta will get an eSIM or embedded sim card to access all data features including emergency response and concierge services.

The car is anticipated to sport a 6-airbag setup on top spec models, though side impact protection, dual airbags, ABS (anti-lock brakes) and EBD (electronic brake force distribution) is predicted to be standard.
This Blog is All about latest development in the World of tech and all round tech news.

Nubia Red Magic 5G has purportedly been spotted on Geekbench, revealing some key specifications about the phone. it's known that the phone will escort the Snapdragon 865 SoC and will have a 16GB RAM variant. The phone will come with 144Hz display and as the name suggests, will have 5G support. Coming to the battery, according to one of our previous reports, Nubia president Ni Fei asked his followers which battery configuration they'd prefer, “100W + 4,000mAh, 55W + 4,500mAh or 30W + 5,000mAh.”

The Geekbench screenshots were posted by a tipster on Weibo -- a number of them are confirmed on the benchmark site. The tipster suggests that the phone will come with a 2K display and that the code names utilized in the benchmark screenshots, SUPER_DEVICE and SuperCharger SC-B0, talk to the Nubia Red Magic 5G.

The Geekbench 4 listing of devices with identical code names show two variants, one with 8GB RAM and therefore the other with 12GB RAM. the previous scored 4308 in single-core and 13537 within the multi-core benchmark while the latter scored 4333 in single-core and 13489 within the multi-core benchmark. The screenshots shared by the tipster on Weibo show benchmark results from Geekbench 5 which we were unable to verify.

We know that the Nubia Red Magic 5G will come with Android 10 out of the box and will have the Redmagic OS v3.0 on top. And, as confirmed by Ni Fei, it'll use up to 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM which is additionally present in the Galaxy S20 lineup of phones. The previous Red Magic phone, the Nubia Red Magic 3S was released in September last year and boasted a 6.65-inch (1080x2340) display. the base variant had 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, and a 5,000mAh battery. It also had a 12GB RAM variant which came with 256GB storage with the rest of the specifications staying the same.

There is no information on pricing and availability of the Nubia Red Magic 5G as of yet.